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How To Tell If You Need Emergency Towing

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Even in the worst of accidents, many people will still try to debate whether or not they need to call for help or if they can drive off and get to a mechanic on their own. It is human nature to try and avoid asking for help, and it can be very embarrassing and awkward to say the least. However, that is no excuse for endangering yourself or others on the road. If you have had a breakdown of some kind and your car isn't responding, then here are a few signs that will let you know whether you need an emergency towing company to come to pick you up or if you can make it home alone.

Busy Street

The first thing you need to take into account is how busy the area is that you are currently stopped in. Not only could you be blocking up a lot of other people, but if the road is particularly busy, then it can be quite dangerous for you to just be stuck on the side of the street. It only takes one negligent driver speeding through without watching to turn your minor accident into a major one, so if you are broken down on a major street, always call emergency towing first and ask questions later.

Multiple Cars Involved

If more than one car is involved in an accident of some kind, it is generally safer to call for emergency towing rather than driving off and sorting everything out later. For one thing, if you let an emergency towing company take your car, then you have independent evidence of the condition it was in after the collision, so there can be no arguments from the other driver when it comes to insurance. Secondly, it is very difficult to ascertain just how badly damaged your car is even after a minor crash and finally, it is just easier to let other people handle this problem right after it happened as you are likely quite shaken up.

New Car

If you are driving a new car and experience some kind of mechanical or electrical fault, then you want to be as delicate as possible with it to ensure you don't breach your warranty. Using an emergency towing company shows that you displayed as much care as possible and will hopefully make it easier to get a free replacement vehicle in the meantime or have your costs covered entirely. If it is a new car, then driving it while it is damaged can look as though you were negligent and can lead to a more difficult insurance claim.