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Why heavy duty towing services are important

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While most towing services involve smaller cars or SUVs, larger vehicles, such as trucks, may also need to be towed. From 18-wheel trailers to damaged construction equipment (such as forklifts), heavy duty towing comes in handy when you need to move your heavy vehicles and machines from one place to another. Here are 3 reasons why heavy duty towing is important. 1. Providing coverage for damaged buses Tour buses (for visitors) and city buses in urban areas are not immune to damage. Read More»

Choosing Roadside Assistance: Does Where You Park Matter?

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If you’re choosing a roadside assistance policy, then you may spend most of your time deciding which service has the best options if you break down or have an accident on the road. While this is an essential part of the decision-making process, it’s not the only thing you need to think about. Sometimes, you may need assistance when your car is parked and where you park may have a bearing on the help you can get from your roadside service. Read More»

Two reasons why you should use a towing service instead of trying to fix your broken-down vehicle by the roadside

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If your car breaks down during a road journey, you should call a local towing company immediately, rather than trying to fix the vehicle yourself by the roadside. Read on to find out why. DIY repair attempts could damage your car Unless you happen to know a lot about the inner workings of cars, your ‘DIY’ repair efforts could end up doing more harm than good. For example, if your car battery dies and you have a pair of jumper cables in the boot, you might be tempted to use these to jumpstart your vehicle. Read More»