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How To Choose An Emergency Tow Truck Service

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An emergency tow truck is your best bet for recovering your vehicle after an accident or when it breaks down. However, you must be cautious when choosing an emergency tow truck service. After all, you need the vehicle recovered without suffering additional damage. Below are some insights to help you select an emergency tow truck service. 

There are hundreds of emergency tow truck services in most Australian cities. So, how do you choose a specific company? Referrals from your mechanic, Internet ratings and reviews are the easiest way to identify a reputable company. Contact a tow truck service and inform them about your predicament. This call helps you determine the quality of services you are likely to receive. For instance, inquire about their operating area and response time. Then, ask about the availability of a suitable tow truck. These tips should help you select a tow truck; 

  • Examine the tow truck's winch rating to know whether it has the power to tow your vehicle.
  • The tow truck must have sufficient torque, especially if it has to pull your car from a ditch or pit.
  • Prioritise flatbed tow trucks even though they cost more. Traditional hook and chain tow trucks are known to damage transmission systems or underneath components.
  • The tow truck should have safety equipment such as warning lights and signage to warn other motorists of ongoing vehicle recovery. 

You must also inquire about the services offered by the towing company. For instance, suppose your vehicle has a minor defect that can be repaired at the roadside; consider companies that provide roadside recovery services. If your car breaks down far from your hometown, consider tow truck companies that offer temporary car storage or car repair services. If you need the vehicle towed to your home state, inquire whether the company provides interstate towing services. 

Once you establish the company offers the required services, ask management to send you a copy of the towing contract before deploying the recovery crew. The agreement gives insights into the company's liability policy. For instance, check whether or not the company insures the vehicle being towed. Then, assess if the company takes responsibility for damage that could occur during towing. For example, the towing crew could damage your bumper when loading or offloading the vehicle from the tow truck. Finally, ask for a quote and negotiate the pricing. Besides, take advantage of discount and reward programs to reduce the towing charge.