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Breakdowns: Your sworn enemy

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What can humans do to avoid mishaps? Things always go wrong at the worst moment; this surely applies to motor vehicle breakdowns. Fortunately, today even if your car breaks down, there are 24-hour towing services that you can call. Even so, it would be better if your vehicle did not stall.  Here are the most common causes of breakdowns and what you can do to avoid them;

Flat Batteries

Most cars fail to start because their batteries are flat. Batteries run flat if anything was left on when you got out of your vehicle, usually lights. If you do not lock your door or trunk, the warning light will be on, and if the battery was low, it could run flat. If you drive your car for short distances all the time, your car battery does not get fully charged, and this can cause a low battery, which is likely to run flat. To avoid that eventuality, charge your battery every few weeks. A friend can help to start your car. However, if you are in a secluded place, like a remote beach, you will need emergency towing services.

Lost keys

These pose a more serious challenge because a friend cannot help you out unless they have a spare key or they can give you a lift. If the key is locked in your car, an emergency locksmith might help. The only way to avoid losing your keys is to be extra careful, especially when you have gone to secluded picnic spots to enjoy your weekend.


Tyres are the most common reason why cars have to stop en route. The usual problem is a puncture. Always have a spare tyre that has enough pressure and tread depth. If your car is one of the more recent models which come with a tyre inflator and sealant kit, make sure they are always in your vehicle.

How to avoid breakdowns

The best you can do is take your car for servicing after it has hit the required mileage. Also make sure you check the pressure in your tyres, and the fuel before you drive anywhere. Finally have a first aid box and toolbox in your car always.

How to be safe in case of a breakdown

If you are taking a long trip or going to a secluded place, make sure your phone batteries are fully charged and have the contacts of 24-hour towing services with you.