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Choosing Roadside Assistance: Does Where You Park Matter?

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If you're choosing a roadside assistance policy, then you may spend most of your time deciding which service has the best options if you break down or have an accident on the road. While this is an essential part of the decision-making process, it's not the only thing you need to think about. Sometimes, you may need assistance when your car is parked and where you park may have a bearing on the help you can get from your roadside service.

Why Does Parking Matter?

If your car breaks down while you're on the road and it can't be fixed on site, then it'll usually be towed to a garage as part of your assistance agreement. This may also apply if your car is parked and you can't get it started. In this scenario, however, the actual location of your car may be an issue.

For example, if your car is parked on your driveway or in the street, then your roadside assistance company's tow truck can simply take it away. This may not be possible if you've parked in an underground or undercover garage or in a multi-storey car park. These locations often have low ceilings, tight access and height restrictions—if your roadside assistance provider uses regular-sized tow trucks that need a certain amount of headroom, then the truck may simply not be able to get into the car park to get to your vehicle.

How Often Do You Use Underground/Multi-Storey Car Parks?

If you aren't a regular user of underground, undercover or multi-storey car parks, then this may not be an issue for you; you may be prepared to take the risk that you may have towing problems if your vehicle were to break down in this kind of car park.

However, if you use this kind of car park regularly—say if you live in an apartment complex with underground parking or park in a multi-storey every day when you go to work—then you may want to factor towing into your decision-making process when you choose roadside assistance coverage. It may make sense here to look for a provider that can access your regular parking space if ever need a tow.

For more information on whether your car can be towed out of your regular garage or parking space, check out the roadside assistance company's website or terms and conditions. Companies will usually say if their tow trucks can't handle certain types of parking spaces and will list them as exclusions to coverage. Alternatively, call the company and ask for clarification if you can't find the information you need online or in policy brochures.